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The Secret Ingredient Every Foot Cream Needs

19 May 2022

Why “Urea” is the Magic Word in the Podiatry World


Healing angry heels seems easy when you’re surrounded by overbranded, overhyped foot creams

on your local store’s shelves, each sporting bold claims and proven results. But if there’s one

secret ingredient missing, you probably won’t walk away with any success stories to share. The

best foot creams for dry, cracked feet all have one thing in common: Urea. And here’s why.


1: It Moisturises. As soon as it touches the skin, urea gets to work immediately to draw moisture

to the affected areas and deeply hydrate the skin. Urea is one of the best moisturisers and

exfoliators on Earth, used in some of the most high-end facial moisturisers and anti-aging creams.


2: It Strengthens. Healthy, happy feet often start on the outside. By keeping your skin’s barrier

strong, it will be more capable of regenerating and renewing skin cells while curbing potential

irritants around the clock.


3: It Penetrates. When it comes to keeping feet soft, absorbency is the keyword here. By

improving penetration, urea makes sure that any other ingredients and products you use stand a

better chance of being absorbed and, in turn, doing their job.



When searching for cream for dry, cracked heels, don’t make another move before

confirming “Urea” is on the ingredient list with a presence of at least 15-30%. As always,

Neat Feat is here to save the day with a doctor- and podiatrist-approved heel balm that’s

bursting with the urea your feet need to heal and recover. When applying the cream, make

sure you do so after a 20-minute soak in some warm, soapy water, and put socks on

afterwards to lock in that moisture. Visit us online now to see if we’ve still got stock!