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I felt I had to put pen to paper to say “congratulations” on producing such fabulous Neat 3B Action Cream. It does everything it’s advertised to do.

Mrs J Rule, Dongara, Australia

I find Neatfeat products superior to other products for callous buildup and dry skin areas about the foot.

Mr MK, Northcote, New Zealand

I’m a 76 year old with chronic arthritis…The Neatfeat Arch inserts have restored my mobility, I’m back to playing tennis and golf.

Mr RA Kee, NSW, Australia

I just wanted to thank you for producing Neat 3B Action Cream… Great stuff! Thanks again for a product that does not leave grease marks and really works.

Mrs DP Stubbs, Wurtulla, Australia

To Neat Feat Products Ltd,

For many years I have suffered from dry feet and dry cracked heels. I have been using various lotions, balms and even skin oil, but it had no effect, what so ever, on my dry skin. But half a year ago when I was at my regular visit to my podiatrist, she suggested that I try a product called Neat Feat Foot and Heel Balm. Even though I wasn’t too optimistic about it, I bought the product anyway. The same evening I washed my feet and put the balm on, and already at once I felt that something happened to my skin and my feet. When I looked down on my feet I saw that my skin was moist and had the color that is due to healthy skin. After having been using the balm once a day for only five days the skin on my cracked heels was healed. The next month or so, I used the balm on and off, and now it is about two months since I have used it, but my feet are still healthy. With that background I need not say that I am very pleased and content with your product, and I feel that I should let you know. My guess is that you have got some very skilled scientists at your laboratories, because a fine working skin product like this one doesn’t appear without any effort. I think that your products and your research work are praiseworthy, and I just want to encourage you to keep up the good work.
Yours faithfully,

C.S. Hansen

To whom it may concern,
I’m a 76 year old with chronic arthritis in ankle, knee and hip joints. I take pain suppressors three times a day to make life more comfortable. When my doctor advised me to give up tennis and fearing golf may be next, I sought help. To my good fortune I was introduced to the NEAT FEAT with ARCH LANDING. I obtained three pairs. One went into my tennis shoes, one into my golf shoes and the other into a comfortable pair of casual street shoes.
And what a difference these insert made. I’m back playing tennis and golf with relative comfort and walking is no longer the problem it used to be. The inserts have restored my mobility, something much needed in my aging years.
Yours sincerely,

R.A. Kee

Dear Neatfeat,
I guess when you have foot skin as bad as mine you look for small improvements between various products. I found that your Neat Feat ‘Foot & Heel’ Balm has made a tremendous difference to my feet so much so that I have stopped using the other brands and now use only Neat Feat. The improvement has been incredible.
My Doctor also has been suprised with the improvements so your product is now The One!!
With best regards,
D. Hunt
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