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Here’s a natural solution for foot care and pain relief

Here’s a natural solution for foot care and pain relief

Overuse, injuries and conditions causing inflammation, including arthritis, are common causes of foot pain.

Wearing ill-fitting shoes or footwear is another common cause.
An estimated one in five Australians suffers from foot pain including:

Achilles tendinitis



Bone spurs


Bursitis (joint inflammation)

Corns and calluses


Ingrown toenails

Nerve damage

Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs

Strains and sprains

Tarsal tunnel syndrome


Neat Feat, an Australasian footcare company, now offers an extensive range of natural products to treat common foot problems.

“We developed the Natural range out of a growing demand for natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs,” says Ant Laity, Managing Director of Neat Feat.

“Nature can play a big part in providing simple solutions to common problems and there are very effective remedies to many conditions that do not require pharmaceutical drugs but can be treated via natural alternatives.

“It became evident that was something we needed to provide.”

Based on herbal medicine and aromatherapy the Neat Feat Natural range offers peace of mind for customers who are increasingly conscious of choosing natural over traditional products.

With Neat Feat Natural you’re getting products that will only help improve your life so you can live with more freedom and confidence, one step at a time, says Laity. Neat Feat offers foot care products to treat athlete’s foot, foot pain and foot odour, sweating and sweat rash, orthotics, foot care gels, shoes, and other personal care products.

The company has developed the world’s first roll-on antiperspirant for feet – much to the relief of foot odour sufferers and their loved ones.

The Neat Feat Natural Range includes:



Neat Feat Natural Pain Relief Foot Cream is TGA approved and provides quick, symptomatic pain relief caused by Plantar Fasciitis (1 in 10 adults suffer from this), Heel Spurs, Bunions, Achilles and Foot Injuries.

It also provides temporary relief of sprains, strains and bruising. Based on a formula traditionally used in herbal medicine, it contains 8 active natural ingredients for foot pain relief.
Ingredients: Rosemary Oil, Boswellia Caterri, Amica Montana, Cajeput Oil, Camphor Oil White, Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Clove Bud Oil.




Neat Feat Natural Foot, Leg, Body & Hand Moisturiser is a rich, thick water-based moisturiser that is easily applied, and can be used daily after showering, or as required, to help keep your skin in optimum condition. It is especially good for dry skin, and is also is excellent for people with thinning skin, as it improves skin thickness on the legs.

Suitable for feet, legs, body and hands it contains Sweet Almond Oil that is not only soothing and nourishing, but is also anti-bacterial which is beneficial for acne-prone and sun damaged skin as well as for fading scars. MADE IN NEW ZEALAND


Based on a formula traditionally used in aromatherapy for the relief of minor infections between the toes, and proven to kill 99.1% of bacteria within 3 days, Neat Feat Natural Antifungal Foot Spray is TGA approved and provides symptomatic relief of Tinea/Athlete’s Foot, Nail Fungus and Jock-Itch (it is perfectly save to apply to that area). Containing natural active ingredients Melaleuca Oil and Azadirachta Indic a Seed Oil fixed, it is a natural solution for keeping your feet healthy and fungal-free. MADE IN AUSTRALIA.


Neat Feat Natural Shoe Deodoriser is formulated with specific natural ingredients to help eliminate odour from shoes, sneakers and work boots by fighting and killing the bacteria that cause the odour, not just masking the smell like many other products do. By reducing the bacteria within the shoe, Natural Shoe Deodoriser will prolong the life of your shoes, but leave them fresh.
It can be used on all types of shoes. Simply shake well, spray the inside and the outside of the affected shoes after wear. Place shoes in an area where they will dry out completely. Repeat as often as required.
Contains the natural, odour fighting Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Lavender Oil and Ginger Oil. MADE IN NEW ZEALAND.

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