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Platinum Series Spandex Gel Cushion Bunion Pads For Helping with Plantar Fasciitis

NZD$21.00 incl. tax

Bunions cramping your style? Don’t let these unsightly bony bumps keep you from walking on sunshine.

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Bunions cramping your style? Don’t let these unsightly bony bumps keep you from walking on sunshine. Use NeatFeat’s special SpandexGel™ Bunion Pads, recommended for professional bunion protection.

  • Offers instant pain relief
  • Protects the hallux valgus
  • Combats joint inflammation
  • Eliminates friction and pressure
  • Latex band keeps the pad in place
  • Medium size: UK W 3-5, UK M 4-6. US W 5-7, M 6-8
  • Large size: UK W 6-8, UK M 7-9. US W 8-10, M 9-11

Bunions are embarrassing… Everyone wants to have pretty feet, but there’s no faster way to destroy the look you’re going for than to have bunions on show. And – that’s not even taking into account how painful they can be. Protect and relieve your bunions with Neat Feat’s advanced SpandexGel™ technology. A comfortable latex band keeps the pad in place all day and night long, offering around-the-clock bunion protection while reducing joint inflammation, protecting the hallux valgus, and eliminating painful friction and pressure commonly caused by footwear. The poly-fitted sleeve itself is thin and breathable, built to be durable and reusable again and again. Perfect for men and women with feet of all shapes and sizes. Don’t let bunions cramp your style or keep you in pain a second longer. Walking a mile on these cosy cushions is like strolling across cloud nine, whether you’re rocking beach sandals, lace shoes, or taking your feet out full-Monty. Neat Feat has you covered, as always. Find Neat Feat’s SpandexGel™ Bunion Pads in your local pharmacy in Australia or New Zealand today, or order online for shipping to anywhere in the world.

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 7 × 4 cm

Medium, Large


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