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Neat Zori Blush Slimline Orthotic Thong / Sandal Water Resistant and Comfortable

(20 customer reviews)

NZD$64.50 incl. tax

Free Shipping On Orders $60 AUD ($65NZD)

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Please note, Zori Slimline styles are more suited for narrower (or women’s) feet.

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Please note that our Free Foot Care Kit offer is not eligible for Return/Exchange/Credit Orders. Additionally, if you wish to return or exchange your Zori, please ensure that you return the free foot care kit as well. Failure to return the free foot care kit may result in your disqualification for any further free gift promotions, even if it appears on your order receipt.

We hope this information helps, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer service team.

** All Zori Sandals ship from Australia or New Zealand – delivery can be 2-3 weeks internationally **

Neat Zori Sport Slimline Orthotic Slip-Ons are healthy, lightweight, stylish, inexpensive and made slim to fit a narrower foot. They are a sports-orientated, ergonomic soled slip-on with a V-shaped thong which comes between the big toe and the rest of the foot and so keeps the slip-on securely in place. Neat Zori are made of high-quality rubber, with padded straps and tough nylon toe piece with proven orthotic benefits including arch, heel and metatarsal support. The stabilising insole helps reduce foot, leg, back and hip fatigue.


Zori is derived from a type of traditional Japanese footwear. Our modern sport version “Neat Zori™” are the most comfortable, convenient, and versatile footwear on the planet.


Neat Zori™ Sport Orthotic Slip-Ons can get wet with no problems and dry rapidly. They let your feet breathe naturally. Conventional shoes bind you, crushing the toes together, potentially warping the shape of your feet and trapping moisture in place leading to unhealthy foot conditions.


Neat Zori™ are healthy, lightweight, stylish and inexpensive. They are a sports-orientated, ergonomically soled slip-on with a V-shaped thong. The thong runs between the big toe and the rest of the foot and so keeps the slip-on securely in place. Neat Zori™ are made of high-quality rubber, with padded straps and a tough nylon toe piece with proven orthotic benefits.


You’ll never want to take them off!

Additional information

Weight 0.46 kg
Dimensions 28 × 23 × 6 cm
Zori Slimline Size

6, 7, 8, 9, 10

20 reviews for Neat Zori Blush Slimline Orthotic Thong / Sandal Water Resistant and Comfortable

  1. Mike N

    These are by far my favorite flip flop with the best arch support you can find. They last for a long time without support break down.I would give them a 6 star if I could. By far! The best flip flop I have ever had.

  2. Horse Lover

    I measured carefully before ordering, but these sandals are still a bit large and clunky looking. That said, they are very comfortable because of the excellent arch support. I have been unable to wear flip-flops for years (I’m 67) because of my high arches and most flip-flops being completely flat. I use custom orthotics in my shoes. It is so nice to have a sandal that meets my needs and the straps are cushioned and comfortable, too.

  3. Amazon Customer

    The product is well made and comfortable. I only wish amazon would deliver my package inside my porch and not leave it in my front yard where it could be easily stolen.

  4. Nui Nalu

    Very comfortable. Great arch support. Great fit

  5. Diana

    My husband and I both wear these every day and we love them. We used to have back problems with all our regular shoes and when we switched to these problem fixed. These are the only thing we wear. We recommend to anyone and everyone.

  6. Tman

    It’s just tooo much arch and hurt’s feet. Sturdy and flexible on the gogreat support and balance.

  7. Thrival Labs

    High quality at a great price. Meets or beats the quality of the previous $150 walking company version for $30. The arch support is better than expected and took a day to get used to, but has flex so that it is not too much. The sandal material is high quality and feels like it will last years. They look as good or better than their picture in person. My wife will be buying a pair as well given my experience after seeing them in person. Would definitely recommend to others.


    These sandals start out a tad tight (size 9.5 men’s feet in a size 10) but conform within a few hours to your foot size. Since then, they are the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever owned. Flip Flops can often chafe the space between the big and second toe…these do not, and they are comfortable to wear all day. Best of all, the arch support leaves tired feet in the dust, as your feet are supported all day in good form.

  9. Rickey Ray

    Great Flip Fop if you have back problems

  10. Jacob T.

    It was better than I expected and compared to other similar product I tried before. the support is there and I worn them like almost 10hour working in animal shelter and the pain at the end of the day from standing and walking was very mild compared to 3 other brand of arch support sandal I owned previously. I am a small built man but some how I find the toes section width is some what narrow thus I have purchased another pair of 1 size bigger, the length is fine though.
    I dont like the groove pattern on top of the sole where my feet rested, it needs a bit of getting use to since my skin is a bit soft and find the groove making it uncomfortable initially and also the grooving makes it easy to accumulate dirt thus I have to scrape along the groove recess to remove the dirt. I find the strap holding the band to the sole was thin unsure how long it will last.
    I like the color and wording on the band design. The band material is soft and comfortable enough.

  11. fox5live

    Very attractive and great arch support. However, I had to return them…as a “man’s” sandal they did not offer a “B” width and the “D” was jut not going to work for me. Please offer these sandals in “B” width and I would gladly buy again.

  12. lovebliss

    these sandals were used walking in streams for years. i have had
    several pairs. one had a strap that finally broke after years of tough

  13. Peggie Munnell

    Good quality comfortable

  14. Chris

    Awesome product that lasts

  15. Michael S Mayes

    I put them on the day I received them.
    It has helped with the plantar fasciitis pain.


    This is my third pair. High quality product. Fits perfect.

  17. Peachie

    Everyday shoes

  18. Jim Hoffman

    Great product this is my third pair and these slides offer great support when walking around all day in warm climates

  19. Pamela Fields

    I am large female with high arches and that planters issue I have never been able to wear shoes without my arch inserts until these flip flops I wear year round and love them!!!!

  20. Susan Levine

    I got my moneys worth. I wore them hard on a daily basis for over a year before they gave out. With occasional use you can expect them to last a very long time. I have ordered 3X over the last 3 1/2 years.

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