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Neat Feat Natural Pain Relief Foot Cream For Sprains, Strains and Bruising

(21 customer reviews)

NZD$12.90 incl. tax

Neat Feat Natural Pain Relief Foot Cream provides symptomatic pain relief caused by Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, Bunions, Achilles and Foot Injuries.

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Did you know that 1 in 10 adults suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, inflammation of the tissue below the foot that connects your toes to your heel bone? The pain and discomfort can be intense, but it doesn’t have to be this way – and you don’t have to resort to surgery or chemical-laden products to feel better. Neat Feat’s Pain Relief Foot Cream is an all-natural way to support aching feet so you can get back to the life you love.

  • Effective in fighting pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis
  • Provides temporary relief for strains, sprains, and bruising
  • Also helpful for heel spurs, bunions, Achilles and foot injuries
  • Bursting with 8 active natural ingredients for proven foot pain relief
  • Based on an ancient formula used in herbal medicine for centuries

Before the dawn of technology and modern medicine, people could only use what they had at their disposal to ease pain. Back then, humanity was more in tune with mother nature, using her most potent natural ingredients to nurse people back to health. 8 of those ingredients are found in this pure pain relief foot cream, bringing relief in a matter of weeks. From wholesome rosemary oil to clove bud, eucalyptus, and peppermint oils, this nutritious pain-fighting fusion provides symptomatic relief by targeting the root cause of foot pain. Whether you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions, Achilles or a foot injury, this powerful foot cream is easy to make a part of your daily routine. Apply twice a day, or more if needed, by gently rubbing the lotion into the affected area. Find us in your local pharmacy or order online. We offer worldwide shipping too.

Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 4 cm

21 reviews for Neat Feat Natural Pain Relief Foot Cream For Sprains, Strains and Bruising

  1. Debstar70

    A client gave me this to try.
    I work in Baptcare doing home care, shopping, personal care and what ever else they need. Im on my feet constantly. Got home put it on my VERY PAINFUL Plantar Facietis and 2 heel spurs . Within couple minutes still slight pain but I CAN WALK woo hoo

  2. Nats1986

    This cream is amazing I got plantar facia in both my heels over 6 months ago and struggled putting my feet on the floor and doing daily activities used this cream for less than a week and I’m back to running and how I was over 8 months ago

  3. Jo62

    I suffered from extremely painful plantar fasciitis last year and after trying many treatments shockwave therapy worked. Every now and then if I wear the wrong shoes I start to feel slight pain reappearing and using this cream has stopped it from getting worse and then disappearing altogether. I love Neat Feet natural pain relief foot cream because there is no way I will go back to the pain I experienced with plantar fasciitis

  4. Jesze23

    Great products
    Been using this product for 2 weeks and my feet is less pain.

  5. Wenbar

    Bought this after seeing add on tv works pretty well

  6. Madhack

    This product was requested by family back home in RSA… Has worked a real treat!

  7. Michelle6330

    This is a great product to give your feet instant relief.

  8. KKath

    This product worked well for my husbands heel pain

  9. Zee83

    Hubby has planta faciitis and swears it’s instant relief. Yes it’s only a temporary thing but any relief is good. Easy to apply.

  10. rivann

    im suffering from plantar faciitis for quite long now and ive been putting some cream pain reliever but doesn’t work. then I found about this products quite pricey but I did give it a go then in few days the pain is gone. wow.

  11. Diana071

    I am so glad I brought this product, I am on my feet all day at work walking around and this has given me so much relief. Thank You highly recommended 🙂

  12. Fay029

    Purchased this cream recently, loved the fact that it has all natural products but was very sceptical that it would help my Plantar Fasciitis, from the first application it actually worked, very impressed and will purchase again if required.

  13. Dimo17

    5 months of pain almost gone in 2 days! Applied as directed and amazed at the reduction in plantar fasciitis pain. Little sticky after application, but just whiz socks on. I will buy again

  14. Lynne990

    I’m a nurse and I’m always on my feet everyday and I suffer with Heel Spurs on both off my heels which are really painful. This is the best pain relief cream ever, I apply a small amount in the morning, afternoon and at night and I’m one very happy customer, it’s really helping me with my pain.

  15. marleylatte

    Wow!!! I wish this incredible product was able to cure my chronic plantar fascia, but i will settle for pain free . A discovery i am happy to have made. Will be purchasing again and again!!

  16. Ali08

    I purchased this about a month ago and have been using it daily, it has helped with some relief of my heel spurs.

  17. Vetster

    I would love to say this is a cure – its not – but it certainly makes a noticeable difference. I apply morning and night, and that means I dont walk like I am on broken glass when I first get up in the morning and my feet dont scream at me during the day. Will be buying again.

  18. Nice

    It says it’s a cream but it’s got an oily consistency in the bottle but when pumped it’s almost a foam. Once dried it leaves a sticky texture so need socks on. Doesn’t give a warming sensation like other pain relief creams but a nice soothing feeling. I have pain in my arches from not wearing the correct shoes every now and again. It does help relief the pain but not sure if placebo… we’ll see with a few more uses.

  19. Jayebay

    I’m sorry to write something negative, but this didn’t work for me, even though I followed the directions.

  20. Zee83

    Hubby has planta faciitis and swears it’s instant relief. Yes it’s only a temporary thing but any relief is good. Easy to apply.

  21. Zee83

    Hubby has planta faciitis and swears it’s instant relief. Yes it’s only a temporary thing but any relief is good. Easy to apply.

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