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Neat Feat Cool Foot Spray for feet odour control

NZD$17.00 incl. tax

ONLY AVAILABLE IN Australia & New Zealand

Formulated by New Zealand Doctors Neat Feat Cool Foot Spray contains menthol and alcohol to energize and refresh hot tired feet.

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ONLY AVAILABLE IN Australia & New Zealand

Cannot Ship outside of NZ and Australia

Slipping around in your shoes? Sweaty feet are embarrassing, and if you spend your life dreading taking your sneakers off around others, you need a cooling spray that promotes dry, comfortable feet around the clock. You need the Neat Feat Cool Spray, developed by New Zealand’s best doctors!

  • An intelligent 360° works from all angles, even upside down
  • Formulated with cooling menthol
  • Supports odour control
  • Non-aerosol design
  • Promotes dry, comfortable feet AM and PM

Did you know? You’re just a quick spritz away from a calmer, more confident, and sweat-free YOU. If you’ve tried what feels like everything to combat sweaty soles, try Neat Feat’s cooling foot spray, infused with powerful yet natural and lightweight ingredients that combat perspiration and sweat-rash head-on. A potent menthol and alcohol fusion reverses nasty odours while energising and refreshing hot, tired feet. It’s easy to apply on-the-move, with a convenient 360° nozzle that works in any direction – yes, even upside down unlike many other spray on the shelves. Use as often as needed, and enjoy the light, fresh fragrance that will follow you wherever you go (instead of that odour that makes everyone ask, “What’s that smell?”. Don’t leave home without it, so you can treat yourself to a quick spray of freshness anytime, anywhere. Only available in New Zealand and Australia. Order online for delivery today or find it at your local pharmacy.

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Weight 0.16 kg
Dimensions 16 × 4 × 4 cm


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