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Neat 3B Body Saver to Stop Body Rashes and Chafing

(20 customer reviews)

NZD$22.00 incl. tax

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Trust New Zealand’s leading doctors to develop a potent cream that fights chafing and sweat-rash – head-on. Remove moisture between the thighs, buttocks, and breast area, soothing the skin and stopping embarrassing itches in their tracks.

  • Prevents sweat-rash and chafing caused by perspiration
  • Ideal for use between the thighs, breast area, and buttocks
  • Effective in treating bed sores
  • Soothes the skin and keeps itching at bay
  • Absorbs moisture between the skin folds


Developed by leading doctors for athletes, hikers, sportspeople, or those who are prone to getting hot, the Neat 3B Body Saver Cream is infused with an effective antiperspirant. This soothing emollient balm is perfect for use where the skin’s surfaces rub together and become inflamed – which is a common problem in people who carry a little extra weight. In fact, use this cream AM and PM, and you may even prevent bigger problems in future – like fungal infections. Stay fresh and comfortable all day every day (and night) so you can get back to the physical activities you enjoy with confidence. Buy online or find it at your local pharmacy (in the deodorant section). Unconvinced? Click here to see what our happy customers have to say about the Neat Feat 3B Body Saver emollient today. We ship worldwide!








Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 5.5 × 4.5 cm

20 reviews for Neat 3B Body Saver to Stop Body Rashes and Chafing

  1. Suzan C.

    I get such bad heat rash under my breast and anywhere my skin folds that it actually bleeds. This prevents it and heals it. I ran out and tried the Monistat anti-chaf cream, and another one that came in a pink bottle (can’t remember the name) along with switching off with different types of powder. Well now I have such a bad rash under my breasts that it’s bleeding and I am miserable! Finally got this today and started using it, I believe it will once again clear this rash up in a day or so like it did before. I will make sure not to run out of it ever again. NOTHING else I have tried worked as well and believe me, in the past few weeks I’ve tried everything and am suffering for it. I’d give them more stars if I could. I just wish it came in bigger bottles and was a little bit cheaper because now that Summer is here, I use a LOT of it or I break out in a horrible rash again.

  2. Amazon Customer

    This works well for me. I use it for chafing between the thighs when I’m wearing a dress or skirt. I don’t feel like it really prevents sweating, but somehow prevents any of that red soreness where the thighs rub together. Must-have for traveling in summer when I know I’m going to be walking a lot.

  3. Diana

    Growing up in humid hot area, I’d always develop a rash between my breasts, nothing would remove, not even other creams that were suppose to be for “heat rash”, found this and the rash goes away completely in 1-2 days and doesn’t come back for a whileeee. Also great to apply this cream on your inner thighs if they rubbing while you walk and its hurting you, just apply some before heading out and should help out for the whole day:)

  4. Kirsten

    This is absolutely the best chafing cream that I’ve used. As a larger human, “chub rub” has always been something I’ve struggled with. I’ve tried every product I’ve found, and some work better than others, but I’ve been using 3B exclusively for the last three years and even got my husband turned on to it! We both use this, since we live at the beach and are always hot. I wear it whenever I wear a dress, it’s great on my sensitive skin, and it’s a single application for the day. It washes off easily and there’s no smell. Highly recommend!

  5. Karlene Baker Arthur, writer

    Product has worked very well for me when traveling to hot climates for mission work. Only a very faint odor that fades quickly. Non-greasy formula goes on well and stays put until you shower it off with soap. This will be a ‘must have’ for me in the future.

  6. Rosa Meitzenheimer

    I just received my product and I immediately put some on and that itching stopped in seconds….I was amazed I had been irritated for a week and trying all types of products……will always keep this on hand.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I raced 135 mile races and this was the best and only cream for anti-chafing…wouldn’t use anything else. Highly recommend. Great for sharing too if you are racing with other people or between family members.

  8. Teresa Robinson

    This product works very well for the intended reason. To me the only drawback is it does not dry it says wet on top of your skin. It does work well

  9. My RATE

    If I could give more stars I would. This is utterly the best product ever! If you chafe a lot and don’t want a smellysticky substance on your body, this product will be perfect for you. It doesn’t smell and it will last all day and washes off easily.

  10. Laura

    This is my absolute favorite anti chafing cream for my thighs. It stays on in the summer when I’m really sweat, but it’s great all year round. I carry this in my purse at all times.

  11. Siobhan

    This is the most amazing lotion ever for skin rashes. I live in Arizona and it is easy to get heat rash and this Neat Feat 3B Saver Skin works immediately the pain so away fast and the rash clears up before the next day. I first found it on a clearance shelf at Walmart.And just bought not should what all it did. Then i couldn’t find it again there for a year, so when i found it on Amazon I was excited thanks. Love it

  12. Mary Micheff

    Miracle stuff never leave home without it best sweat cream ever

  13. MissWashington

    I needed to use this while i was pregant. i kept sweating in between my breast and i was having some crazy issues. anyway… I took care of it with this cream and the itching and irritation went away

  14. Amazon Customer

    This stuff is magic, I rode 81 miles on the third day of a four day bike ride in the Keys and wouldn’t have made it with out 3B. It literally saved my behind!

  15. Blendama

    This stuff is amazing! I use only a small amount each day and it keeps chafing at bay! I read a couple of comments that said it had a scent to it; I don’t smell a thing.

  16. Rebecca

    Love it. Will buy again

  17. Kimberly

    This cream works so well! It helps fade and heal rashes from chafing and shaving within a couple of days. I would recommend.

  18. Amazon Customer

    AMAZINNGGGGG not only does it help to prevent chaffing but if i do get chaffed really badly. I put this on at night and by the morning it is either completely healed or almost healed.

  19. Linda English

    Love this! it works well in the summer for all those special area’s on your body. I tend to sweat
    on the back of my neck a lot ruins the collars on clothing. This stops it most of the time.

  20. Abueles

    Excellent product

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