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Neat Feat 3B Body Powder 125g to Prevent Skin Irritation and Reduce Perspiration

(22 customer reviews)

NZD$14.65 incl. tax

Neat 3B Body Powder is a soft fine powder formulated with zinc oxide to help soothe skin irritation and chafing.

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Sweaty skin? Tired of the chafing that comes with it? Don’t despair. This doctor-developed body powder has been formulated by leading doctors in New Zealand, designed to reduce perspiration for a more comfortable and relaxed lifestyle.

  • Absorbs excess perspiration and soothes irritation
  • Formulated by doctors to prevent chafing
  • Perfect to use where the skin’s surfaces rub together
  • May also help prevent minor infections
  • A strong alternative to creams or powders

The Neat Feat 3B Body Powder has been formulated to use in areas that rub together and aren’t exposed to much fresh air, like between the thighs, breasts, and buttocks. A quick shake of this potent formulation on your skin, and the powder will immediately get to work to absorb excess moisture and reduce perspiration throughout the day and night. Use AM, PM, or both for optimal results, promoting all-day comfort for the whole family. Whether you’re an athlete, hiker, sportsperson, or you simply live in an area with a hot climate, Neat Feat’s 3B Body Powder has your back (and the rest of your body for that matter!). This incredible soft and fine powder soothes the skin while keep chafing at bay. Powerful yet natural active ingredients gently absorb moisture so you can live the life you love. Bag it today to experience the potent 3B action for yourself, or place your order with worldwide shipping.

Additional information

Weight 0.16 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 5 × 5 cm

22 reviews for Neat Feat 3B Body Powder 125g to Prevent Skin Irritation and Reduce Perspiration

  1. Warrior Goddess

    I couldn’t be without this in summer. Without this I get an irritation along a caesarian scar line….but with this, life’s a dream. Highly recommended. !!!

  2. Cols girl

    Ive found the 3 B powder easier to use than the cream. I use it on any area on my body that I perspire.

  3. Wattle Fox

    I use this for excess perspiration during summer and it works well. I apply this after my morning shower and it keeps me dry and feeling fresh well into the afternoon. Great for humid weather, especially when wearing non-breathing materials. Works instantly.

  4. peta66

    Have been using this powder for about 2 months now and have found it to be very effective in absorbing perspiration during the heat. Makes life more comfortable !!

  5. neridamac

    Great for stopping perspiration on hard to get at places great value

  6. Vonster1

    I have used the 3B cream in the past but thought I would give the powder a go. Very happy with it and will continue to use. Just makes a nicer dryer feeling in the warmer weather.

  7. Timbo88

    Keeps things dry and fresh on those hot days, highly recommended.

  8. Loz58

    This is the best product if you suffer ( as I do ) with chafing in the hot weather. I use it daily after morning shower and it lasts all day. As I live up north in WA the hot weather and humidity is sometimes horrible. The 3B powder has completely solved the problem of chafing discomfort.

  9. Kelos

    Great product, it works

  10. Jojo55

    Change over to this product when the one I used previous discontinued.. I find it just as good and will continue using it

  11. Wen4

    Smell fresh all day and no more rashes

  12. M. M.

    I already had the cream version of this make and it worked really well as long as you leave it to dry, which if using under breasts can be a little awkward, but worth it. I thought I would try the powder to be able to use quicker and after showers, and I am pretty impressed. Since using it my soreness has subsided and I am much more comfortable. Easy to use anywhere on your body where chafing occurs or where perspiration causes an issue such as under breasts. I will still use the cream in summer or when I have more of a problem but this will be my regular product I use.

  13. Leanne shephard

    Finally something that works. Love this product!

  14. Ms Joanne Wiehahn

    Very useful product. Works very well

  15. Donald Morrison

    Does what it says

  16. Hannah Garvin

    Good product

  17. Carole Helliwell

    Love body powder. First bought on a Trip to NZ and Oz in 2019. Had to get some more as I found the product really useful

  18. Marcia Sharpin

    Good product my first time try it underneath my breast, and it’s work well going to order some never try the powder.

  19. Ms Judith Connett

    Broke the cycle of sweat sores.

  20. Dai Harrhy

    Good product, but not liking the open/ close top,no direction indicator

  21. Leanne shephard

    Finally something that works. Love this product!

  22. Leanne shephard

    Finally something that works. Love this product!

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