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Limited Edition Bundle Deal

NZD$65.00 incl. tax

Spoil someone this year with a few of his much needed products on special for a limited time only!

Purchase this product now and earn 20 Points!


Foot Saver Roll-On

  • Keep excessive foot perspiration at bay
  • Apply daily, AM and PM, for best results
  • An easy roll-on method is perfect at home or on-the-go
  • 24-hour protection against sweating, odours, and foot infections like Tines Pedis
  • Compact size fits right in your bag

Face Saver

  • Prevents excess facial perspiration
  • Reduces excess facial wetness and shine
  • Can be applied before makeup
  • Light gel leaves no facial residue, no deposit, no stickiness
  • Easy and smooth to apply
  • Makeup and sunscreens stay on longer
  • Keeps makeup looking fresh all day even in hot weather

Hand Saver Lotion

  • Prevents excessive hand perspiration
  • Enjoy dry, confident hands AM and PM
  • Infused with a powerful antiperspirant base
  • Deodorize, moisturize, and protect around the clock
  • Combats dryness and chafing too

Body Saver 

  • Prevents sweat-rash and chafing caused by perspiration
  • Ideal for use between the thighs, breast area, and buttocks
  • Effective in treating bed sores
  • Soothes the skin and keeps itching at bay
  • Absorbs moisture between the skin folds

Crikey Gear Deodorizer 

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Kills sports gear odors
  • Safe to use on all materials and surface types
  • Active ingredient: Melaleuca oil


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