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Platinum Series Heel Cups for Heel Spurs and Heel Discomfort

NZD$30.00 incl. tax

By using the Neat Feat Gel Heel Cups you can cradle your heel and provide stability while walking. The construction absorbs the pounding shock of the heel.

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People with healthy, happy feet often taken them for granted. If every step is a pain, literally, we’re sure you never take advantage of ache-free feet. That’s why we created these soothing gel heel cups, engineered to cradle the heel and provide much-needed stability wherever life takes you.
  • Alleviates heel pain and discomfort
  • Cushions the foot to prevent heel strike
  • Immediate relief from painful heels and heel spurs
  • Combats foot fatigue by offering comfort and relief
  • Eases arthritis, general pain in joints, and shin splints

Foot pain-relief never felt this good. If you’re tired of living in agony, don’t take another step without Neat Feat’s Gel Heel Cups in your shoes. Walk a mile in these, and you’ll be a brand-new person, thanks to professional orthotic construction that absorbs the pounding shock of the heel. These comfortable heel cups are innovative to the core, and will have you breathing a sigh of relief in minutes. Whether you’re suffering from heel spur syndrome, shin splints, arthritic joints, or general undiagnosed heel pain and discomfort, these unisex Gel Heel Cups are available in a range of shoe sizes, so you can slip them on and get back to the life you love. Each package comes with two heel cups – a small price to pay for the relief you’ve been seeking for so, so long. Get your Neat Feat Gel Heel Cups today for this incredibly low price. You can find us in your local pharmacy in Australia or New Zealand, or add to your cart online to qualify for worldwide shipping!

US Female UK Female US Male UK Male Heel Cup Size
6-7 5-6 8-9 8-9 Medium
8-9 7-8 10-12  10-12 Large

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 20 × 11 × 4 cm

Medium, Large


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