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Active Life Bundle

NZD$34.08 incl. tax

A deal you that keeps you feeling fresh all-day long! Enjoy 15% off our Active Life Bundle!
Here’s what’s included: Neat Feat Natural Shoe Deodoriser, Neat Feat 3B Body Powder, & Neat 3B Action Cream

Purchase this product now and earn 34 Points!


Neat Feat Natural Shoe Deodoriser:
Hardworking feet deserve hardworking relief. Use the Neat Feat Natural Shoe Deodorizer to eliminate uncomfortable and unpleasant shoe odours. Formulated using all-natural ingredients, this powerful odour-killer fights the microbes that cause odour in the first place, leaving you feeling fresh and clean all-day long.

Neat Feat 3B Body Powder:
Developed by leading doctors in New Zealand, this body powder has been designed to reduce perspiration for a more comfortable and relaxed lifestyle. Formulated with zinc oxide, it helps soothe and prevent rashes, skin irritation and chafing.

Neat 3B Action Cream:

Its active formula prevents painful chafing and sweat rashes from occurring in the first place. Apply to the body wherever sweating is an issue. Developed by doctors, it’s proven to prevent problem chafing and sweat rash.


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