"3B Action Cream and Body Powder are simple solutions for pain caused by sweat rash and chafing."

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“Can’t put into words how amazing this product is. I’m in my 50’s and have horrific over-sweating due to being menopausal. Under my boobs were taking the brunt and I was getting sweat rashes, but now my skin is silky soft and my boobs and armpits love it. Would highly recommend.”

Other customers have said:


C Douglas

Works great...

“This stuff is great. It is a mainstay of my travel kit. Works great for itching, sweating, and skin irritation from travel...”


Worked well for me...

“I was using unscented spray anti-perspirant under my breasts and in the skin-fold areas to try to prevent the chafing, but it irritated my sensitive skin. This cream worked well for me. I haven’t had any chafed areas since I began using 3B.”


Neat 3B Action Cream and Neat 3B Body Powder have helped thousands of customers find relief from the pain and discomfort of sweat rash and chafing.

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