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Keeping Diabetic Feet Happy and Healthy

9 March 2022

3 Diabetic-Friendly, Doctor-Recommended Ingredients 


Caring for your feet is one thing. Caring for diabetic feet is a whole different ball game. You can’t just waltz into the store and buy the first foot cream you see if you have diabetic feet. While many general use creams are repackaged and marked up to be sold as “diabetic foot cream”, few can actually back up their claims with the ingredients your thirsty feet truly crave. And so, here are three ingredients to look out for when shopping for diabetic foot cream in Australia. 


1: Urea. Only urea-based emollients deliver a medically proven solution for dry, cracked heels caused by diabetic anhidrosis. Urea enhances your skin’s water retention power, reduces water loss, and fights dead skin cells to boot. This deeply hydrating and moisturizing compound replenishes urea levels when it’s depleted in diabetic feet. 


2: Oil-Based. Emollient cremes for dry, diabetic feet are lipid-based, mainly with wax or oil and varying degrees of water. This is the only way to restore and retain moisture long after you’ve actually moisturized your feet. 


3: Lanolin. This waxy substance is deeply hydrating, softening the skin to not only improve the appearance of dry diabetic feet, but also deliver long-term benefits by deeply penetrating the surface to restore moisture. Thanks to its high fat content, lanolin circumvents water evaporation from the skin, keeping it moisturizing while promoting healing around the clock. 


For diabetic foot cream that’s recommended by doctors and podiatrists, check out Neat Feat’s Heel Balm today. Join 100s of Australians and New Zealanders who noticed results in as little as 5 days. 


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