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It’s All in The Footwork

27 January 2022

Did you know that your feet don’t just help you get from A to B?  


The way we walk, run, and stand affects our entire body in a variety of different ways. Your feet are the parts of your body that help keep you balanced, stable, and upright while you go about your day – but when you have certain foot conditions, injuries, or issues, your entire body can be affected.  


How Do Your Feet Affect the Rest of Your Body?  

Walking and running in a way that doesn’t suit your body could lead to back, hip, neck, and even leg pain. If you’ve suffered from a recent injury, you may find yourself favouring one foot over the other, which could lead to issues like spinal pain and even foot problems like corns or bunions.  


Your feet even have the power to affect your organs! That’s because your feet are filled with sensitive nerve or pressure points that send certain signals to your brain, which then sends messages to your different organs. When these signals and messages are out of whack, you could end up dealing with a lot more than just foot pain.  


Take Care of Your Feet with Neat Zori  

Our Zori sandals are specifically created to help you walk, sit, and stand with complete support and comfort. Your feet will be cushioned by a high-quality sole – supported by a low but thick heel – and will look amazing too thanks to our range of different, colourful designs.  

Our Zori sandals are made from high-quality materials, assembled with care and shipped all over the world to happy customers that know and love our brand. You can become one of them by visiting our website today for more information. If you’d like to skip the small talk, simply start shopping here! 

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