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Cracked Heels. What’s the Deal?

7 February 2022

3 Possible Reasons Why Your Feet Are Dry as Dust 


If you thought you were the only one creaking and scraping around with dry heels, you’re not. Cracked heels are more common than you think, affecting at least 20% of adults. But you’re probably sick of hearing, “prevention is better than cure”. You can’t go back in time pre-winter to prevent your heels from getting dry and cracked in the first place, so when prevention isn’t an option, you need a cure. And as always, Neat Feat has the answer. Here are three reasons why your heels could be cracked, and what to do about it. 


1: A Lack of Hydration. Everything is connected. If you’re not drinking enough water – or water-rich foods like watermelons and cucumbers – every part of your body could suffer. And your feet are no exception. Get (at least) your 8 glasses a day, and you’ll be walking on sunshine in no time. 


2: Failure to Exfoliate. Dry heels happen when your skin barrier is disrupted, often exacerbated by a lack of humidity. But there’s no use in smothering your feet in hydrating creams if they can’t penetrate the surface. Prepare the canvas by soaking your feet in a hot bath and using a quality foot file in the shower (not one reminiscent of a cheese grater). You want to remove dead skin, not make matters worse by paving the way for scrapes and cuts. Once you’ve made the surface a bit thinner and less flaky, you can move onto the final step. 


3: Poor Moisture. You need a potent yet gentle heel balm that’s recommended by the best dermatologists and doctors in the biz – you need something like Neat Feat’s Heel Balm, designed exclusively for dry, cracked, and sore feet. This oil-based balm is loaded with the secret ingredient you should always look for in heel balm – Urea – restoring the affected area’s natural balance while repairing and rehydrating thirsty skin. 



Summer is here, but your cracked heels don’t have to stick around. Shop Neat Feat’s Heel Balm today to get your feet sandal-ready this summer. 

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