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The Not-So-Hot Truth About Sweat Rash

And 3 Proven Ways to Kick it to the Curb

Summer. It initiates instant mental images of sun-soaked scenes, clear blue seas, and even clearer skin. But in reality, the truth is a little less…rose-tinted. The sweet dream of summer is all too often tainted by the infamous villain that is sweat rash, cropping up slowly until you’re left with an embarrassingly red and raw presence at the beach.


Thankfully, this polluted picture doesn’t have to be your narrative this summer. There are ways of taking sweat rash by the horns and taming the beast, but to do so, first thing’s first – you need to understand how and where it starts in the first place.


What is Sweat Rash?

Otherwise known as candida intertrigo, sweat rash is a painful form of skin inflammation caused by bacteria and yeast. It’s most common in areas of the skin where moisture can easily become trapped, like under the arms or between the thighs. Sweat rash is also, obviously, more common in warmer, more humid climates. Like ours.


What are the Symptoms of Sweat Rash?

Sweat rash isn’t always a small red irritation on the surface of your skin. Often, it causes scaling on the periphery, broken skin, blisters, and a stinging and/or burning sensation that no mental image of summer can help you ignore. If you don’t fall into a high-risk category – like being pregnant, overweight, or elderly – then you can take control of your sweat rash by simply investing in a high-quality sweat rash cream designed to do exactly what it claims. Stop sweat rash in its tracks.


What are the Best Creams for Sweat Rash?

When shopping for a sweat rash cream that works, you need to look for something that functions as both an effective antiperspirant and a soothing emollient – and that’s where Neat Feat’s 3B Action Cream comes in. Formulated to target the root cause of sweat rash, this tried, tested, and proven formula prevents sweating in crucial areas while encouraging healthy hydration and, most importantly, preventing the sweat rash from getting worse.



Neat Feat’s 3B Action Cream is safe and effective for the whole family, so you can finally win the war against sweat rash and experience life on the other side of red, raw, and inflamed skin.


Shop Neat Feat!

Let’s Talk About Swim Chafing

Logically, the solution to chafing would be moisture. Right? Not always.


Swimming is one of the most notorious culprits behind the dreaded chafe, because abrasive salt water and sensitive skin are rarely a recipe for success. If you’ve ever experienced painful chafing after a dip in the water, then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Swimmers are no strangers to the scars of escapades past, but you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to be a victim of the notorious swim chafe.


Thankfully, there are ways to treat it and prevent it from getting worse. Here’s how.

1: Choose the Right Swimwear

If you plan on spending a good few hours immersed in the waves, be sure to invest in a quality bathing suit or anti-chafing wet suit. Ill-fitting counterparts can cause serious issues for more serious swimmers who overreach in freestyle strokes for example.

2: Shave

If you’ll be out on the open water, make sure that any skin in areas vulnerable to chafing are as close to hairless as possible. This will make sure that there’s nothing extra hanging about that could make pre-existing chafed skin even worse.

3: Lubricate

When it comes to keeping chafe points moisturized, it’s hard to over-lubricate. You’ll want to invest in a quality chafing cream that’s approved by doctors and dermatologists. Coat the affected area(s) generously. Note that open chafe wounds are a different story and must be kept clean and dry and examined by a doctor. For closed chafe wounds, consider something the likes of Neat Feat’s 3B Action Cream. Designed to stop chafing at the source, the 3B Action Cream for Chafing doubles as both an effective antiperspirant and a soothing emollient.


Winning the war against chafing is all about giving your skin a chance to heal. 3B Action is developed by New Zealand’s leading doctors, and with a cream like this, a little goes a long way. Shop Neat Feat today before stock runs out!

Shop Neat Feat!

3 Proven Ways to Cast-off the Chafe (For Good) The Best-Kept Secrets to Chafe-Free Living


Chafing is more than simply annoying and embarrassing. It’s downright painful and can cause serious bleeding when the wound endlessly rubs against your clothing – if not itself. By preventing chafing from getting worse, you can give your skin a chance to heal while avoiding your chances of infection. But first, we need to understand why chafing happens, and what on Earth it even is.


Chafing is, essentially, skin damage caused by incessant rubbing. When you sweat and this sweat evaporates, salt crystals form – making your skin more vulnerable to damage. Chafing is more common in bodily crevices, like the breasts, causing the skin to become tender, red and raw.


Summertime + sweating = a recipe for chafing disaster. Something as seemingly innocent as bra straps can continuously rub against your upper and inner arms. You can prevent breast chafing from getting worse – and, in turn, give your skin a chance to heal – by following three simple rules.


1: Wear Close-Fitting Clothing.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s true. Loose clothes don’t prevent chafing like their snug counterparts do, like skin-tight spandex or polypropylene. Also look out for sweat-wicking fabric that’s seamless or has flat seams, especially for the parts that will be covering the painful chafed area.


2: Stay Dry.

Consider non-talcum absorbent powder to collect excess sweat and prevent your chafing from getting worse. Also, try not to shave too much – especially with shaving cream – which can make pre-existing chafing that much worse.


3: Stay Hydrated.

Once you’ve absorbed any excess sweat lingering about, it’s time to lubricate the affected areas – but ONLY with an emollient designed exclusively to combat chafing in the breast area. Neat Feat’s 3B Action Cream is recommended by doctors and podiatrists to deeply hydrate chafed breast skin without making matters worse by leaving you greasy and uncomfortable. Neat Feat’s 3B Action Cream protects skin that’s already chafed while preventing it from getting worse or ending in infection.


If you feel trapped under the rule of the merciless beast that is chafing, it doesn’t have to be the way. For intense, grease-free hydration that fights the source of chafing – and finally gives your skin a chance to heal – you know what to do…

…Shop Neat Feat!

The Secret Ingredient Every Foot Cream Needs

Why “Urea” is the Magic Word in the Podiatry World


Healing angry heels seems easy when you’re surrounded by overbranded, overhyped foot creams

on your local store’s shelves, each sporting bold claims and proven results. But if there’s one

secret ingredient missing, you probably won’t walk away with any success stories to share. The

best foot creams for dry, cracked feet all have one thing in common: Urea. And here’s why.


1: It Moisturises. As soon as it touches the skin, urea gets to work immediately to draw moisture

to the affected areas and deeply hydrate the skin. Urea is one of the best moisturisers and

exfoliators on Earth, used in some of the most high-end facial moisturisers and anti-aging creams.


2: It Strengthens. Healthy, happy feet often start on the outside. By keeping your skin’s barrier

strong, it will be more capable of regenerating and renewing skin cells while curbing potential

irritants around the clock.


3: It Penetrates. When it comes to keeping feet soft, absorbency is the keyword here. By

improving penetration, urea makes sure that any other ingredients and products you use stand a

better chance of being absorbed and, in turn, doing their job.



When searching for cream for dry, cracked heels, don’t make another move before

confirming “Urea” is on the ingredient list with a presence of at least 15-30%. As always,

Neat Feat is here to save the day with a doctor- and podiatrist-approved heel balm that’s

bursting with the urea your feet need to heal and recover. When applying the cream, make

sure you do so after a 20-minute soak in some warm, soapy water, and put socks on

afterwards to lock in that moisture. Visit us online now to see if we’ve still got stock!

Keeping Diabetic Feet Happy and Healthy

3 Diabetic-Friendly, Doctor-Recommended Ingredients 


Caring for your feet is one thing. Caring for diabetic feet is a whole different ball game. You can’t just waltz into the store and buy the first foot cream you see if you have diabetic feet. While many general use creams are repackaged and marked up to be sold as “diabetic foot cream”, few can actually back up their claims with the ingredients your thirsty feet truly crave. And so, here are three ingredients to look out for when shopping for diabetic foot cream in Australia. 


1: Urea. Only urea-based emollients deliver a medically proven solution for dry, cracked heels caused by diabetic anhidrosis. Urea enhances your skin’s water retention power, reduces water loss, and fights dead skin cells to boot. This deeply hydrating and moisturizing compound replenishes urea levels when it’s depleted in diabetic feet. 


2: Oil-Based. Emollient cremes for dry, diabetic feet are lipid-based, mainly with wax or oil and varying degrees of water. This is the only way to restore and retain moisture long after you’ve actually moisturized your feet. 


3: Lanolin. This waxy substance is deeply hydrating, softening the skin to not only improve the appearance of dry diabetic feet, but also deliver long-term benefits by deeply penetrating the surface to restore moisture. Thanks to its high fat content, lanolin circumvents water evaporation from the skin, keeping it moisturizing while promoting healing around the clock. 


For diabetic foot cream that’s recommended by doctors and podiatrists, check out Neat Feat’s Heel Balm today. Join 100s of Australians and New Zealanders who noticed results in as little as 5 days. 


Shop Neat Feat

Cracked Heels. What’s the Deal?

3 Possible Reasons Why Your Feet Are Dry as Dust 


If you thought you were the only one creaking and scraping around with dry heels, you’re not. Cracked heels are more common than you think, affecting at least 20% of adults. But you’re probably sick of hearing, “prevention is better than cure”. You can’t go back in time pre-winter to prevent your heels from getting dry and cracked in the first place, so when prevention isn’t an option, you need a cure. And as always, Neat Feat has the answer. Here are three reasons why your heels could be cracked, and what to do about it. 


1: A Lack of Hydration. Everything is connected. If you’re not drinking enough water – or water-rich foods like watermelons and cucumbers – every part of your body could suffer. And your feet are no exception. Get (at least) your 8 glasses a day, and you’ll be walking on sunshine in no time. 


2: Failure to Exfoliate. Dry heels happen when your skin barrier is disrupted, often exacerbated by a lack of humidity. But there’s no use in smothering your feet in hydrating creams if they can’t penetrate the surface. Prepare the canvas by soaking your feet in a hot bath and using a quality foot file in the shower (not one reminiscent of a cheese grater). You want to remove dead skin, not make matters worse by paving the way for scrapes and cuts. Once you’ve made the surface a bit thinner and less flaky, you can move onto the final step. 


3: Poor Moisture. You need a potent yet gentle heel balm that’s recommended by the best dermatologists and doctors in the biz – you need something like Neat Feat’s Heel Balm, designed exclusively for dry, cracked, and sore feet. This oil-based balm is loaded with the secret ingredient you should always look for in heel balm – Urea – restoring the affected area’s natural balance while repairing and rehydrating thirsty skin. 



Summer is here, but your cracked heels don’t have to stick around. Shop Neat Feat’s Heel Balm today to get your feet sandal-ready this summer. 

It’s All in The Footwork

Did you know that your feet don’t just help you get from A to B?  


The way we walk, run, and stand affects our entire body in a variety of different ways. Your feet are the parts of your body that help keep you balanced, stable, and upright while you go about your day – but when you have certain foot conditions, injuries, or issues, your entire body can be affected.  


How Do Your Feet Affect the Rest of Your Body?  

Walking and running in a way that doesn’t suit your body could lead to back, hip, neck, and even leg pain. If you’ve suffered from a recent injury, you may find yourself favouring one foot over the other, which could lead to issues like spinal pain and even foot problems like corns or bunions.  


Your feet even have the power to affect your organs! That’s because your feet are filled with sensitive nerve or pressure points that send certain signals to your brain, which then sends messages to your different organs. When these signals and messages are out of whack, you could end up dealing with a lot more than just foot pain.  


Take Care of Your Feet with Neat Zori  

Our Zori sandals are specifically created to help you walk, sit, and stand with complete support and comfort. Your feet will be cushioned by a high-quality sole – supported by a low but thick heel – and will look amazing too thanks to our range of different, colourful designs.  

Our Zori sandals are made from high-quality materials, assembled with care and shipped all over the world to happy customers that know and love our brand. You can become one of them by visiting our website today for more information. If you’d like to skip the small talk, simply start shopping here! 

Do You Have Arch Pain?

You’re not alone!  


No pair of feet can ever be exactly the same, just like no two people are ever exactly the same. The arches of our feet can be pronounced or subtle, but no matter what they may look like, you need to find the perfect pair of shoes and foot care products to make sure that you take care of them properly.  


What Happens When You Don’t Treat Arch Pain?  

Arch pain not only affects your quality of life by making it hard to walk or run, but it could also cause serious long-term damage. Because you’ll be changing your posture and stride to minimise the pain, you could be placing unnecessary strain (and pain) on different parts of your body, including your back, neck, and legs.  


Can Arch Pain Be Treated…?  

…If your arch pain is caused by improper footwear, then yes, definitely! If not, then you might need medical advice to treat it effectively. Regardless of which one best describes your situation, there are several high-quality Neat Feat products available in our store to help minimise the pain in your foot arches.  


Some of these products include the following:  

Arch Cushions  

Spandex Gel Arch Cushions  

Femme Slimline Gel Arch Cushions with Meta-Tarsal Insole  

Femme Slimline Gel Arch with ¾ Insole  

Gel ¾ Length Insole  


Each of these exceptional products can be used to add more support to your shoes, help reduce pain caused by arch injuries or strain, and even help you take back control of how comfortably you walk, run, and move.  

For more information on how you can treat and reduce arch pain as quickly and as effectively as possible, reach out to our team for more. Alternatively, check out our website to learn more about our range of arch support products by clicking on the link here 

Hyperhidrosis 101

Everything You Need to Know  

Hyperhidrosis sounds like it should be the name of some mystical sea creature or obscure species of fish. Unfortunately, it’s not that cool. Hyperhidrosis is also known as excessive sweating. This condition affects thousands of people of all different ages around the world. It’s identified as constant or excessive sweating of the face, feet, hands, or body, and can become a serious issue when it starts causing infections or skin conditions due to too much moisture.  


Do You Have Hyperhidrosis?  

Then you know how embarrassing and inconvenient it is to constantly have to change your clothes, apply antiperspirant, and worry about the next time you need to shake someone’s hand. Luckily, we’ve spent countless hours developing the perfect range of products to help you stop sweating the small stuff. This range contains a wide range of different products that are specially created for different parts of your skin and body.  


Our Neat 3B Saver Range Includes the Following Products  


Each of these products contains a carefully balanced combination of ingredients and formulas to help keep your skin dry, cool, and feeling fresh all day long. By using our products daily, you’ll be able to minimise the stress and anxiety that comes from feeling uncomfortable in social settings, in the office, or while hanging out with new friends and partners. 


That’s not all though. You could also effectively reduce your risk of developing fungal or bacterial infections that occur when your skin never completely dries.  


For more information about how our range of 3B Saver products can help you control your condition, reach out to our dedicated team today or visit our website now. We’re excited to help you!  


Visit Our Website

Put The Right Foot Forward

Foot Problems You Can Handle  

When we think of taking care of our feet, we often imagine expensive spa days or massage treatments and pedicures. While going for a pedi or two is a great way to treat yourself, it’s not the only way you can take care of your feet. There are daily practices that will help you save yourself the hassle of nasty foot problems and pains, and this article will teach you all about them! 


Gel Bunion Pad, Protector, and Cushion 

Bunions are nasty little guys that can cause big problems. When left untreated, bunions can severely impact your posture, how you walk, and your overall foot health. That’s why we’ve developed a range of bunion-specific products to help keep your feet and toes on point.  


Antibacterial Foot Spray  

Next time you take your socks off after a sweaty gym session, grab some of our anti-bacterial foot spray. Not only will it help you get rid of that sour smell, but it’ll do so by killing the bacteria that cause that smell in the first place! 


Anti-fungal Foot Spray 

Fungal infections between your toes are a sure-fire way to ruin any day. You won’t have to worry about lotions and powders though – all you need to do is spray on our Antifungal Foot Spray and allow our unique formula to do the trick. This spray immediately kills the bacteria and microbes that cause fungal infections, and it also keeps your feet fresh and dry.  


High-Impact Stabiliser Insole  

Are you mad about moving? Then you need an insole that can keep up with you! Ours can.  


If you’d like to purchase any of the items mentioned above, feel free to reach out to our team or start shopping on our online store right now! 

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