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Breaking Body Barriers with Better Products

29 November 2021

Our bodies are wonderful, complex things that help us experience and enjoy the world around us – but because they’re so complex, they often encounter some strange and even embarrassing issues along the way.  


Most body issues like excessive sweating, fungal infections, chafing, and even skin tags or warts are all natural issues that millions of people around the world face every single year, and yet, so few of us actually talk about them.  


We’re here to tell you that not only are these problems more common than you think, but there are proven and reliable ways to fix them! Check out our products below to find out more about how you can treat excessive sweating, skin tags and warts, and more!  


Our Saver Range  

Our Neat 3B Body, Hand, Foot, and Face Saver products are specifically formulated to help reduce sweat and moisture on your skin, no matter how warm or active your day might be. By keeping your skin dry, you’ll not only be able to reduce body odour, but also minimise your risk of developing fungal infections of painful chafing!  


Our Neat Feat Natural Willow Wart and Skin Tag Gel  

There are countless old wives’ tales and myths about why we get warts and skin tags, but the only thing that truly matters is how we get rid of them. This gel will help reduce and eventually remove your warts and skin tags in a gentle yet effective way.  


Our Neat Feat Antifungal Foot Spray  

Fungal infections got you in a funk? Our anti-fungal foot spray will help prevent fungal infections by keeping your feet dry, clean, and fresh.  


Want to know more about our range of amazing products? Reach out to us today or start shopping now by visiting our website.   

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