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How To Wear Shoes

You’re Doing it Wrong. 


We know, that sounds like quite a ridiculous title. Of course, you know how to wear shoes, you’ve been doing it all your life! All you need to do is choose a pair you like and put them on.  


Right? Well, not necessarily.  


It isn’t always just about pulling on a pair of shoes and heading out the door. Your feet play a massive role in your physical health and wellbeing, which means that you need to make sure you’re taking care of them! 


One of the best ways to take care of your feet is by wearing the right shoes. This means finding a pair that’s right for the activity at hand, are in your size, and are able to provide you with the right support. 


Now, you could throw out all of your old pairs of shoes and start fresh. You could also invest in a great pair of insoles! Insoles are a fairly inexpensive and amazingly effective way to add some much-needed support to your favourite pair of shoes without buying a new pair.  


Neat Feat Orthotic Insoles  

If you need some serious support while you go about your day, then you need to invest in a pair of our Orthotic Insoles. These insoles are made from premium materials to make sure that they’re durable enough for frequent wear. They’re also assembled with in-depth care and attention to ensure they’re comfortable at all times. With the right pair of insoles, you’ll be well on your way to healthier, happier feet in no time.  


Of course, there are different insoles for different needs, so if you’d like to learn more about how to choose the right insoles or shoes for you, reach out to our team today! 

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Get Stoked for Summer!

Neat Feat can’t wait for Summer to finally roll around. After spending months cooped up in sweaters, boots and socks, we’re ready to get our toes in the sand and relax.

However, some people aren’t as excited for Summer as we are. For those who deal with excessive sweating, or Hyperhidrosis, the heat brings its own problems. From unsightly stains to painful chafing, excessive sweating can lead to more than just feeling uncomfortable throughout the day.

That’s why Neat Feat is here to help. We’ve spent years formulating the perfect range of products that will help you feel excited for warmer days again.


Neat Feat 3B Body Saver

This gentle yet protective lotion is fragrance-free, soothing, and perfect for people who deal with chafing. Chafing is as painful as it is frustrating. Excessive chafing can cause sores that can eventually become irritated or infected. But with this lotion, you’ll be able to avoid it!

Neat Feat 3B Hand Saver

Shaking hands with new friends? Make a great first impression without worrying about sweaty or clammy palms. Our hand saver helps reduce hand sweat so that your hands. Stay dry and cool all day long.

Neat Feat 3B Foot Saver

It’s sandal season, people. If you’re worried that your usually-sweaty feet will clear a room, then our Foot Saver anti-perspirant is for you. Whether you’re out and about with thongs or walking in sneakers, our Foot Saver roll-on will keep your feet dry and odour-free.

Neat Feat 3B Face Saver

Summer is the perfect time to snap photos and make memories, but not when it looks like you just hopped out of the pool. Our Face Saver has a gentle yet effective formula that will help you reduce excessive sweating on your face to make sure you’re photo ready.

What’s Up with Warts?

Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus, or HPV as we know it. While there are multiple ways to remove warts – like using liquid nitrogen to freeze them off – there are also ways to prevent them from appearing or spreading in the first place.

Here are some of our main tips on how to prevent warts!

Don’t Shave Over Your Warts
If you already have a wart, try not to shave over it. When you do, you could cause tiny rips in the skin that could spread the virus (and therefore the warts) to other parts of your skin.

Wash Your Hands Frequently
Great personal hygiene is a great way to prevent bacteria of any kind entering your body. Washing your hands frequently will reduce your chances of coming into contact with the virus that causes warts.

Keep Your Hands, Feet and Skin Dry
If you suffer from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, then you could be at risk of developing warts. This is because moist, warm conditions – like sweaty skin – are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, including HPV. Use an anti-perspirant spray or roll-on on the areas of your skin that are affected to keep them dry during the day.

Wear Sandals in Public Showers
Actually, you should wear shoes in general whenever you go out in public, but this is especially important when using communal or public showers. Because so many different people use these spaces, you could increase your odds of coming into contact with HPV and developing warts. So, shoe up!

And there you have them – our top three tips! If you have tips of your own to share, let us know! Check out Willow Wart in store for a solution to reduce your skin tags or Visit our shop now to start shopping for amazing products that can (and will) keep your skin dry and clean, all day long.

Posture Perfect

How Your Shoes Affect Your Body

Proper posture is something that’s been drilled into us from a very young age. Sit up straight! Don’t slouch! Unfortunately, millions of people around the world just can’t seem to fix their posture and end up suffering from issues like back pain and discomfort.

While you might not think it, your shoes can contribute to bad posture by changing the way we stand and walk throughout the day – which in turn affects the rest of our body.

Wear Shoes Made for Your Body
Take a moment to look at your feet? Are your aches high or low? Do you under- or over-prone your foot when you walk? All of these are factors that affect which shoes you should wear to walk and stand comfortably.

Invest in Orthotic Sandals
Just like you, we love wearing thongs in Summer. Unfortunately, they’re not the most supportive type of shoe out there – or are they? Zori Orthotic Sandals and Thongs are a great option for people who want to enjoy the freedom of sandals, with the support of high-quality orthotic shoes. Not only do they give your feet the customised support you need to walk comfortably, but they also make good posture easier to achieve.

Speak to A Professional
Bad posture hurts your body in the long run, that’s no surprise. However, if you’re experiencing severe pain in your back or feet while standing or walking, don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional. They’ll be able to pinpoint the cause, recommend a treatment, and advise you on the right foot-wear and products for your body.

If you’d like to learn more about how to take of your feet, your posture, and your health, reach out to the Neat Feat team today and we’ll be happy to help.

How to Take Care of Your Feet This Winter

It’s finally time for hot cocoa, warm blankets, and chilly mornings. We love Winter! Our feet? Not so much. If you want to find out how to take care of your feet this Winter, read on.


Keep Your Feet Dry

Wet feet are a breeding ground for odour-causing bacteria and potential infections! Keep them dry by carrying an extra pair of shoes or socks if you plan on dashing through the snow at any point.


Wear Clean, Well-Fitting Shoes and Socks

Shoes that are too big or too small could cause painful blisters. Add sweaty feet and warm boots into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. A good way to avoid this is by making sure your shoes and socks fit perfectly. Keeping them clean also ensures that you won’t be at risk for nasty smells and even nastier infections.


Make Moisturising A Priority

Cold weather tends to strip the moisture from our skin and leave it feeling dry, cracked, and tight. The best remedy for dry skin is adding and locking in urea-based moisturisers. You can do this with high-quality foot care products like Neat Feat’s Foot and Heel Balm or our Natural Body Moisturizer. Both of these products will deeply hydrate your skin to leave it feeling softer and smoother than ever.


Exfoliate Away!

Because our skin tends to be so dry during the colder months, it’s important to get rid of the dead skin cells that inevitably build up from constantly wearing thick socks and boots. Our Pumice Stone Exfoliator helps buff away dead skin so that your moisturisers and heel creams can do their job!


Be one step ahead this winter with neat feat.

Reach out to our team for more information!

 It’s Time to Take Care of Your Sole

Do you feel dead on your feet at the end of the day? Most of us have extensive skincare or health routines, but very few of us take care of the things that keep us moving day after day – our feet!


Why You Need A Regular Foot-Care Routine

Corns, callouses, and cracked heels are painful conditions that get worse when we don’t take proper care of our feet. However, taking care of your feet doesn’t have to take an hour out of your day. All you need is a simple three-step routine with these three products:


Pumice Stone

Pumice stones are lightly-abrasive foot exfoliators that gently buff away the dry, dead skin on your feet. They also effectively reduce the size and severity of painful callouses and corns.


Foot Scrub

 Exfoliation isn’t just reserved for your face! A great foot scrub is relaxing, hydrating, and gentle enough not to strip away your skin’s essential oils. If you exfoliate regularly, you’ll be able to prevent the build-up of dead skin cells and impurities that lead to infection and dryness.


Heel Balm

After buffing away the dead skin, you need to apply a product that hydrates and soothes your skin. Locking in moisture is imperative to keep your feet hydrated, soft, and comfortable every single day. You need a heel balm that’s made of high-quality ingredients that are kind to your skin – and that’s exactly what you’ll get from Neat Feat.


How Often Should You Do This Routine?

Repeating these three steps twice a week will leave your feet feeling soft, smooth, and ready to walk another day. Take a look at our extensive range of foot-care products by clicking the link below!

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Neat Feat Senior B Rash Prevention Cream

Walk With Confidence

Incontinence is an uncomfortable occurrence that can often lead to further discomfort and pain with
the appearance of rashes. The skin around the area is sensitive and can’t quite handle the acidity
in urine, which eventually leads to these rashes. When we move around, the inflammation worsens
due to friction, leaving the skin feeling even more uncomfortable than ever.
These types of rashes are known as Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis (IAD), which is an
especially prominent occurrence in older adults.

What is Incontinence?
When the body’s ability to control the release of urine or stool is compromised, we refer to it as
incontinence. This is a common phenomenon that often leads to the abovementioned IAD. Though
these rashes aren’t permanent and may often clear up within a few days, leaving it untreated may
worsen the already-uncomfortable area.
Because the respective area of inflammation is commonly subjected to high-levels of friction due to
walking, the skin may start bleeding and lead to more serious infections. Accompanied with
moisture from the incontinence, we often sweat around the area as well, exposing the skin to
potential fungi development.

How to Identify an Incontinence Rash
Under normal conditions, the skin acts as a barrier against foreign bodies on the exterior and
interior of the body. As we age, however, the skin loses its suppleness and the barrier becomes
damaged, which is when the skin becomes vulnerable to exterior irritants – in this case, urine
Symptoms of an incontinence rash include:
– Redness around the area exposed to urine
– Inflamed, irritated skin
– Itchy, burning sensation accompanied with red lesions
– Tenderness


 The Senior B Rash Prevention Cream
Neat Feat’s Senior B Rash Prevention Cream is an excellent preventative measure created by
doctors to avoid these rashes from forming in the first place! While many other creams provide
temporary relief after the rashes have already formed, the Senior B Rash Prevention Cream was
formulated to act as the barrier of protection against acidity.
Containing moisturizers and emollients, the cream effectively neutralises the acidity of urine and
returns the skin to its normal pH balance. It also leaves the skin feeling soft and supple, while
inhibiting the growth of fungi.

As a non-prescription cream, anyone can head to the local pharmacy and start reaping the benefits
of soft, treated skin without the discomfort of constant burning and itching around the area. Simply
clean and dry the area of inflammation, shake the bottle, and apply the cream liberally around the
affected area.

Get your Neat Feat Senior B Rash Prevention Cream today and have one less discomfort in
your daily life.

Level Up Your Health Game with Neat Feat!

In honour of the International Day of Sport this year, We’re introducing you to our favourite sports toiletries.

Some of the amazing products on offer today include:

3B Action Cream Range
Need a sure-fire way to prevent excessive sweating and the painful chaffing that tends to come with it? Then you need to invest in the 3B Action Cream range.

This high-quality rash-prevention cream is perfect for those sweltering summer months. Whether you’re spending the day in the sun, getting active, or simply need a more comfortable way to prevent sweating, rashes and chaffing, then this is the product for you.

Saver Range – Hand Saver, Foot Saver, Face Saver, Body Saver
Sweating is natural! However, when it drips down your face and stains through your shirts, it can also be a little embarrassing. Let Neat Feat help you save face (and body and hands and feet!) with the Saver Range. This range of products is specifically tailored to help reduce sweating, even in the hottest months of the year. Each of our Saver products can be applied at any time of the day and leave your skin feeling dry, shine-free, and without a drop of sweat.

Crikey for Sports Gear
There’s absolutely no product strong enough to get rid of that awful gym-bag smell – or so you thought. Our Crikey Sports Gear Deodorizer is made from 100% natural ingredients and is perfectly suitable for use on almost any surface or material. Keep your sport’s equipment fresh and clean this season thanks to Neat Feat.

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